Office Design Matters

Our office design team have created this short eBook that looks at how investing in your workplace can have a hugely positive impact on everything from productivity to staff retention and workplace wellness. Click the download PDF button on the right to read more.

Office design has evolved quickly over the past decade with the workplace now seen by many companies as an important strategic asset. This pace of change looks set to continue as the humble office moves from being simply a place where people had a desk, worked from 9 to 5 and occasionally ate some birthday cake.

Today, the office or workplace as it has become more fashionably known has transformed into a space where people aren’t tied to a desk, have a huge amount of flexibility, collaborate in cool, colourful breakout areas and have a steady supply of healthy snacks and artisan coffee.

So what happened? What fueled this radical shift in how we work and where we work?

A number of factors underpin this change of mind-set with technological advances a key driver, altering how we work with the environment around us consequently adapting. Staff no longer need to sit at a desk at a desktop PC to perform the bulk of their work as ever slimming laptops and mobile devices mean staff can now work from anywhere in the office or even away from the traditional work environment – from coffee shops, client sites or even at home.

The reality is that nowadays, work doesn’t always get completed inside the workplace.

Alongside technology, people’s expectations have risen with many now ‘demanding’ a comfortable and flexible workplace as the bare minimum. This has led to many companies coming to the realisation that their offices have a major role to play when it comes to staff wellbeing and also attracting the very best talent. Office design has reacted by creating desirable, flexible workplaces that in theory provide staff with a choice of work settings so they can be as productive as possible.

This short guide is designed to highlight the benefits of effective office design and to show that investing in a workplace that staff love will reap dividends in the long term.

Click on the download PDF icon at the top of the page and read how you can create a collaborative, creative, productive, happy office where staff love working.

Office Design Matters

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