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Our team at K2 Space are office fit out experts. With 20 years of experience, we are a leading award-nominated office fit out company providing comprehensive solutions from concept to completion. From small high-end office spaces of 15-20 people to expansive multi-level layouts covering multiple floor plates, we’re a single contact point, transforming workplaces into reflections of your unique vision.

Our dedicated team of designers, project managers and fit out experts support you throughout the entire office fit out process. From the initial discussion of your plans to the design and costing, right through to the selection of furniture, build, and finishing touches. We are experts at finding and tailoring solutions that match your specific needs and requirements.

DTRE coffee bar
DTRE coffee bar

Our Office Fit Out Process

Leading the Way in Design and Build

With 20 years of experience, we’re one of the most reputable office fit out companies in London. We’ve worked across a diverse range of sectors including a broad range of financial services companies – investment management & advisory (KKR, Bordier, WTW, Beartooth Advisors), banking (BMO, RBC), asset management (ECM), commodities trading (Javelin); tech & data companies (Criteo, Vouchercodes, Arquiva); media companies (News UK, Specific Media, ICP); energy & renewables (Essar, Vital), transport & aerospace (Rolls Royce & Partners Finance, Toyota), apparel & fashion (Belstaff, Sketchers), pharmaceuticals (Santeen, Intercept, Torrent), and numerous others besides those mentioned.

We offer a complete fit out solution for the entire project, which always gets finished on schedule and within budget. A brand-new office design and build can inspire your team, increase productivity, teamwork and collaboration, assist with staff retention, and move your business in the right direction.

At K2 Space, we create fantastic office fit-outs that enrich office culture, impress clients, and make the office a great place to work. An inspiring office fitout project changes everything. It enhances the company’s culture, improves the brand reputation, and aids staff retention.

To us, it isn’t a question of size. We work on office fit out projects of all sizes, ranging from 1,500 sq. ft to over 50,000 sq. ft. However, integrity is essential to us. We only take on projects where we can deliver the utmost care, quality and professionalism. We also pride ourselves on providing bespoke, responsive, and transparent services where projects are finished on time and within budget.

Our workplaces must attract, excite, and retain the best talent. K2 Space has achieved this here and everyone is thrilled with how they’ve transformed our London workplace.

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At K2 Space we:

Fit Out Offices That Focus on People

We fit out offices that are perfect for your staff, your brand and your office culture. With expert in-house design skills and supplier relationships, we bring together ideas that enhance what you can achieve within a confined space.

Allow for Engagement and Collaboration

Our design & build team is experienced in fitting out collaborative workspaces of all sizes – from small, single-floor offices, to large open-plan workspaces. In most instances, we seek a balance between private offices and shared common areas to provide a degree of flexibility for employees.

Improve Staff Wellbeing

ONS data recorded in the years preceding the pandemic showed a significant decline in happiness and satisfaction at work. Combined with the effort to entice staff back to the office, we’ve considered staff well-being as a central feature in designing and building offices. We are strong advocates of making the workplace a healthy and pleasant place to work. Our strong supplier relationships with leading ergonomic office furniture manufacturers make us an ideal choice for companies looking to create comfortable workspaces for their employees.

Companies We’ve Worked With

We had a vision of a new office space that supports modern ways of working, inspires our team, and leaves a lasting impression on our clients. K2 Space took our dream and turned it into a masterpiece. The transformation they've performed is nothing short of extraordinary. We're over the moon with the result - expertly executed!

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PJT Partners

Our team are incredibly passionate about delivering fit out projects that are exceptional, reliable, and tailored to each client. Our approach is very transparent, hands-on and responsive but also fun. We believe designing a new workspace should be an exciting and stress-free process.

We’ve delivered projects with budgets ranging from



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How Our Fit Out Service Works

We cover the entire office design and build process, from developing your design brief to meeting the team’s objectives to space planning and provision of office furniture. Our approach to project management distinguishes us from other fit out companies and competitors. Our clients are assigned a dedicated project manager who serves as a single point of contact. We’re one point of contact from the beginning of your project right through until the point that you move in.

Offices are living places where ideas and creativity happen daily, relationships are forged, and we spend a sizable part of our lives. They are responsible for attracting and retaining the best talent and for making lasting impressions on visiting clients.

Choosing a professional office fit out company is of paramount importance to the completion of a successful office design. With the very best creative, technical, and project management expertise, our team of designers, fit out experts, and furniture specialists will work closely with you to ensure that your project is delivered on time, to budget and that it exceeds your expectations. As part of our service, we project manage the office fit-out, select the right furniture, and ensure that your new workplace not only looks great but that it is also delivered on time and within budget (see our office fit out costs guide for more detail).

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Within our 20 years of operation, our office fit out team has established trusted relationships with the very best suppliers. This allows us to guarantee our clients a seamless, stress-free project in the full knowledge that they will be receiving the very best-in-class service

K2 Space managed the design and build process seamlessly, ensuring that there was no disruption to our normal business activities, and handed over a fantastic, vibrant new space that our staff love

Carolyn Kaiser

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