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Altum Capital

Office Fit-Out for Altum Capital in Mayfair


London, SW1


3,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided

Office Design & Build, Furniture

Altum Capital office design

Office Design for workplace collaboration

Altum Capital, a real estate investment firm, partnered with K2 Space to design and fit out their new office space in Mayfair. The primary objective of the project was to create a workplace that was elegant, with some classical touches and where employees would enjoy working. Collaboration spaces and staff wellness were given particular attention.

Elegant office design
Iconic pieces and striking crittal glazing create an impressive aesthetic

Elegant and Sophisticated

The entrance area was furnished with iconic pieces that immediately created a sense of style and sophistication. The striking crittal glazing, hardwood floors and impressive kitchen/breakout area also contributed to the aesthetic of the office. The design approach taken by K2 Space focused on combining classic design elements with contemporary features, resulting in a stunning and welcoming space.

Altum Capital kitchen
Impressive marble topped kitchen/breakout area for staff to enjoy

Staff Well-being

In keeping with the staff wellness brief, K2 Space created a dedicated wellness room where employees can take a break and recharge. The wellness room features comfortable seating, soothing lighting, and a selection of healthy snacks and drinks.

Collaboration spaces were integrated throughout the office to promote teamwork and communication. The open-plan design of the office ensures that employees have plenty of space to interact and work together. Private meeting rooms were also incorporated for confidential discussions and presentations.

Dedicated wellness room
Dedicated wellness room for staff to take a break and recharge

The Result

The project was a resounding success. K2 Space’s design approach resulted in an elegant, sophisticated office that perfectly met Altum Capital’s brief. The incorporation of collaboration spaces and a wellness room has created an environment that promotes teamwork and staff well-being, ensuring that the team at Altum Capital is set up for success.

Private meeting rooms
Private meeting rooms for confidential discussions and presentations

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