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Mix Awards 24: Project of the Year – Workplace 70k+

Criteo – Global Transformation Project – Paris

The transformation of AdTech giant Criteo’s Paris HQ was a highlight of their Global Transformation Project, led by K2 Space. Criteo’s commitment to hybrid working post-pandemic required an innovative approach to the workplace’s functionality while also recognising the importance of aesthetics. Located at 32 Rue Blanche, a landmark building in the historic 9th arrondissement, Criteo’s HQ has been their home since the company’s inception and holds a special place in the heart of the organisation. In response to Criteo’s downsizing, close collaboration with the workforce was essential to design a supportive workplace that accommodates new ways of working while ensuring it remains distinctly Parisian yet unmistakably Criteo.

The workforce demanded close attention to the sustainability of the design, a challenge K2 Space was happy to accept. The project was characterised by bright, functional spaces, utilising innovative design, bold furniture choices, and sustainable methodologies and materials. The innovative use of functional artwork, such as the acoustic trees, helped divide the space and improved sound quality while injecting a bit of fun and softness into the overall design. The artwork also contributed to the localisation of the space, featuring cultural references and recognisable street art.

Criteo Paris - Mix Awards 24: Project of the Year – Workplace 70k+ Finalist

Mix Awards 24: Project of the Year - Workplace 15-30k

Criteo – Global Transformation Project – New York

The goal was to create a space that would support Criteo’s fully flexible working model, enhancing the experience of teams coming together for collaboration and social interaction while also accommodating employees who prefer regular office attendance and require more traditional resources. K2 Space’s redesign of Criteo’s New York office responded to the consolidation of four floors into a single 20,000 sq ft floorplate, resulting in a workplace that is 35% of its original size.

The project coincided with Criteo’s rebranding, enabling K2 Space to weave the new corporate identity into the design. The new shape vocabulary is evident in key areas such as the cafeteria and reception, immediately immersing visitors in Criteo’s vibrant culture.

In addition to economic and social benefits, the new space brought significant environmental advantages, including LED lighting replacing fluorescent bulbs, the extensive use of second-hand furniture, and sourcing local joinery to reduce carbon emissions. The project also incorporated unique features reflecting the company culture, like campfire meeting spaces and a curved tea point designed to encourage informal gatherings and collaboration. These elements not only elevate the office’s aesthetic appeal but also foster a sense of identity and cohesion in the workplace.

Criteo New York - Mix Awards 24: Project of the Year - Workplace 15-30k

Sustainable Design Awards UK '24

Fit-Out Category

We received an award nomination for the Sustainable Design Awards 2024: Fit-Out Category for our work in the design & build of  DTRE’s office in London under a strict BREEAM accreditation programme. The project was recognised for its innovative approach in transforming an 11,000 sq ft CAT A office space into a dynamic and welcoming workplace for DTRE, emphasising sustainability throughout its development. The DTRE office features include a barista-style reception, versatile bleacher seating, an on-site gym, and private dining areas with retractable Crittall glass doors, all contributing to a workspace that promotes well-being and productivity. Achieving a BREEAM “VERY GOOD” rating for DTRE highlighted our commitment to environmental stewardship and well-being and provided DTRE with an outstanding office space for its staff and clients.

Sustainable Design Awards 2024

Mixology '23

Project of the Year – Design & Build

We received an award nomination for the Mixology23 Project of the Year: Design & Build for our exceptional work on the DTRE London office. The project stood out not only for its innovative design, but also for its exceptional work in expanding the team’s need for a dynamic and welcoming workspace with a focus on sustainability. The DTRE office boasts a variety of amenities including a gym with Peloton bikes, a barista-style coffee bar, and versatile meeting zones, all designed with biophilia elements to enhance staff well-being.

Mixology 23 Awards - Design & Build Project of the Year Finalist