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Criteo's Global Transformation Project


London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Barcelona


250,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided

Global Design, Furniture Consultancy, FF&E

Criteo Office Photography 01

Global Office Design

Criteo, a Paris based provider of online advertising platforms decided to embark on a major design and fit out programme for all its offices around the world – “The Global Transformation Project” – around 190,000ft – Paris alone being 80,000 ft. The brief was to embrace hybrid working and enhanced collaborative facilities reflecting a global brand and retaining local authenticity.

Hybrid working office fit-out

Collaborating with Local Teams Across 6 Countries

Each facility had to be at once Criteo and at the same time unique. Locations included Paris, New York, Singapore, and Tokyo. Each office team would be intimately involved. Our design team worked tirelessly in innumerable “Teams” meetings with each office to establish the final design for each facility. Flexibility and hybrid working was a key requirement along with a strong focus on staff well-being and sustainability. The complexity was immense and the programme from first space plans to completion would be completed within a year.

Sustainable office design

Iconography, Tradition and Culture

More than simply beautify the workspace but resonate with local landmarks, heritage, and traditions, creating an engaging, inclusive workspace that embraces local uniqueness while transcending geographical boundaries.

In the Singapore office, for example, the local culture was intricately interwoven into the office aesthetics. The office features a wall modelled after the iconic Mamashop – a traditional convenience store in Singapore, symbolising the vibrant local shopping culture. Also, the office lockers were adorned with stylised versions of famous Singaporean stamps, fostering a connection with the country’s postal history and its evolution.

Through such meticulously curated and culturally significant detailing across its global offices, Criteo has demonstrated its commitment to embracing and celebrating the cultural diversity of its global team. It has effectively built a narrative that combines local individualities into a unified global identity, thereby fostering a truly international corporate culture.

Incorporating Iconography and Culture into Criteo's Office design

Selection of images from the project

Procurement Options

Many procurement options were considered for implementing this strategy – from working with local design and contractors in each country to working with traditional route design firms to a design and build approach.

In the end the contract was awarded to K2 Space who would undertake the huge task of designing from scratch 7 buildings in 6 different countries liaising with local teams whilst working closely with Paris and an independent project manager.

Global transformation project
K2 - Criteo - Office Curator - LARGE-75
Relaxing treehouse-style workspaces
Hybrid working areas
Office pods for focused work

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