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Criteo New York Office Design


New York


20,000 sq. ft.

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Global Design, Furniture Consultancy, FF&E

Criteo New York Office Design - Reception

Criteo New York Office

Criteo’s New York office, located at 387 Park Ave South, is an integral part of the Global Transformation Project. The objective was to reimagine the workspace, building out a range of new areas such as breakout spaces, meeting rooms and private areas. It aimed to reflect a fusion of design influences from NYC that matched up with the overall design of the global offices. This project stands as a testament to the innovative approach to office design by our team that respects both form and function.

The project scope encompassed space planning, graphics, a selection of materials and finishes, storage solutions, and various other zoning considerations. The storage system was thoughtfully developed to provide efficient and accessible storage for individual employees. The lounge areas were crafted to serve as social hubs, encouraging spontaneous interactions and offering relaxation zones for employees, thereby fostering a sense of community within the workspace. An innovative feature in the design project was the integration of “On-Air” privacy booths. These booths, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, were designed to provide employees with a private and quiet space to focus on their work or hold confidential discussions.

Meeting Booths - On Air - at New York Office
Meeting Booths for Private "On Air" Conversations

Tailoring Criteo's Global Design for NYC

The design incorporated a diverse range of workspaces, including open areas, private offices, and meeting rooms. Unique spaces like wellness rooms, break-out meeting rooms, and a lounge area were also introduced. The goal was to create a vibrant, multifaceted workspace that incorporates diverse workstyles, and stimulates creativity and collaboration while providing elements of fun and relaxation.

The design was specially tailored for New York by seamlessly marrying the aesthetics of both NYC and the other global offices, resulting in an ambience that is unique to Criteo New York, yet felt part of their global family of offices.

Criteo New York Office Design
An office reflecting elements of fun and creativity

A Culture of "Anything is Possible In New York"

The concept design of Criteo’s New York office prioritised the diversity in workspaces to cater to the various modes of work of their team. The strategic positioning of spaces – including open work areas, private offices, and meeting rooms – fostered collaboration, while ensuring sufficient privacy for focused tasks. Unique spaces like wellness rooms, phone booths, and break-out meeting rooms were also incorporated to balance work and leisure for the employees.

An integral part of the design was the infusion of elements that encapsulated Criteo’s playful and creative culture, further accentuated by fun additions like a basketball hoop and neon signage. A distinctive highlight was the integration of the “Anything is possible in New York” strapline in the huddle booths. This not only resonated with the motivational spirit of the city but also underpinned Criteo’s ethos of fostering innovation and limitless possibilities within its workforce

Incorporating Workplace Culture into the NYC Office design

Selection of images from the project

Project Delivery and Completion

The Criteo New York office design project successfully culminated into a vibrant and innovative workspace the global design standards of Criteo while encompassing the unique essence of New York. The office was remodelled to foster collaboration, creativity, and leisure, with a strategic mix of open work areas, private offices, and unique spaces such as wellness rooms and huddle booths. On completion, the project has effectively reflected Criteo’s commitment to creating a versatile workspace that caters to diverse work styles, promotes creativity and collaboration, and balances work and relaxation. It has ultimately created a workspace that resonates with Criteo’s values and identity, bolstering its culture, and contributing to employee well-being.

Games Area at New York Office
Global transformation project
Relaxing treehouse-style workspaces
Hybrid working areas
Huddle Boothes at NYC Office
Office pods for focused work

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