ISF Office Fit-Out Project


City of London


3,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided

Office Design & Build, Furniture

ISF Reception Area

Fitting Out ISF's Office for Collaborative Working

K2 Space was approached by the International Security Forum (ISF) to create a new hybrid working environment and integrate their new brand identity into the office design. The primary goal was to deliver a collaborative workspace that was flexible and modern while reflecting the new brand identity.

ISF Meeting Rooms
Graphics on meeting room glass walls to carry the brand identity

A Striking Brand Identity

To achieve this, K2 Space implemented several design changes, including new signage and branded manifestations along the glass panels. The reception area was given an immediate impact with a striking ISF logo in aluminum cast lettering, sitting boldly against a patterned wood wall. Illuminated by natural white light directional spotlights, the area is warm and inviting with grey cushioned sofas, timber style flooring, and a feature lamp in the corner.

ISF Meeting Tables
Breakout tables sit nicely in the clean open plan space

Using Natural Light

The collaborative area was designed to maximize natural light while providing a flexible, hybrid working environment in line with the new post-covid working conditions. A high beam table with dual-tone seating is at the center of the area, illuminated by an elegant lighting rail lamp made of handspun aluminum.

ISF Open Plan Workspace
The area is designed to provide a flexible hybrid working environment

Acoustics and Noise Reduction

ISF’s live podcasts required a room with a high level of acoustics and noise reduction. We designed an acoustic broadcasting room with acoustic paneling and double-glazed fronts, significantly improving the acoustic rating of the room. The room also features an “on air” sign to indicate when broadcasts are taking place, and blinds provide a layer of privacy.

ISF Meeting Rooms
Multicoloured graphics on meeting room glass walls

Revitalising ISF's brand identity

Our team successfully revitalised the ISF’s brand identity by integrating it into the office design while creating a collaborative workspace that reflects modern working conditions. The new fit-out provided staff with flexible, hybrid working areas and a dynamic podcasting room, all while maintaining a consistent design aesthetic. The end result was a modern and flexible workspace that exceeded the client’s expectations.

ISF Breakout Areas
Dual-tone seating and elegant lighting in the collaborative area

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