A New Brand Identity and Revitalised Aesthetic

The ISF approached us with two key objectives: to deliver a new hybrid working environment with collaborative working areas, while at the same time integrating the office design with their new brand identity.

They considered the new fit out as an opportunity to revitalise the brand with consistent interior design changes such as new signage and the addition of branded manifestations along the glass panels.

We wanted the reception area to have an immediate impact. To achieve this we created a ISF logo in aluminum cast lettering, sitting bold against a patterned wood wall. The signage is illuminated with 4000k (natural white light) directional spot lights, bringing the whole feature to life. Modern grey cushioned sofas, timber style flooring and a feature lamp in the corner add an inviting sense of warmth and comfort to the area.

Collaborative Areas for Hybrid Working

A great feature of the new fit out is the collaborative area. We wanted to maximise the use of natural light while providing a flexible, hybrid working environment in line with the new post-covid working conditions. This was achieved with the inclusion of a few unique features.

At the centre of the collaborative area is a high beam table with dual tone seating. Above the seating we installed an elegant lighting rail lamp made of handspun aluminium to enhance the lighting of the workspace area.

Designing an Acoustic Broadcasting Room

One of the activities of the ISF is live podcasts, which they broadcast to their customers. This requires a very high level of acoustics and noise reduction. To facilitate this we used acoustic paneling and double glazed fronts which significantly improved the acoustic rating of the room. We also included an “on air” sign to show when broadcasts were taking place as well as blinds to create a layer of privacy.

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Glass Manifestations to Augment the Brand

The ISF brand identity is augmented through a three pantone manifestation, which adds a sophisticated and modern look to the ISF boardroom. The 1800 mm wide manifestation stretches across the double-glazed glass meeting rooms and includes a subtle rendering of the logo with a transparent background against the glass.

Use of Natural Light

The seating area is flanked by an ideas wall which is ideal for team brainstorming sessions. Banquette seating by the bay windows provides the perfect arrangement for team meetings and one-on-ones, while the single chair and table by the window provides necessary solace for focused work.

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