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K2 Space

Design and Build of Our New Office in Islington, London


Barnsbury Sq, London


4,000 Sq. Ft

Services Provided

Office Design & Build, Furniture

K2 Space kitchen areas

Being absolutely passionate about office design and build, we were faced an intriguing challenge: creating a workspace for the biggest critic - ourselves.

With the chosen location of Barnsbury Square, London, the fit-out began in 2019. As a client-facing office, the objective was to showcase our expertise by designing a space that reflected the company’s core values but primarily catered to the needs of our team.

K2 Space breakout area
Accent stools add detail to breakout areas

A Fun and Inspiring New Space

Understanding the importance of a balanced working environment, we focused on creating a functional yet inspiring office. The design team started by identifying their staff’s diverse requirements to ensure the new office offered spaces for collaboration, concentration, and relaxation.

K2 Space Meeting tables
Meeting tables with pops of colour inspire creativity
K2 Space pool table and chill out area
K2 Space Meeting Room

Embodying Our Brand Values

The project aimed to embody K2 Space values – creativity, focus, and fun – throughout the office design and build. This was achieved by integrating modern elements, bold colour schemes, and flexible working areas, including open-plan spaces, private meeting rooms, and breakout areas.

K2 Space glass panelled meeting room
Glass meeting room walls contrast against the exposed brick walls
K2 Space leather accent chair
K2 Space Full length frame wall

From Design to Fit Out

The newly designed office was exactly what we needed. It successfully met the expectations of the team and served as an excellent example of K2 Space’s capabilities. The design offered a variety of working areas, promoting collaboration and focus while allowing employees to work effectively. The breakout spaces, equipped with comfortable seating and recreational facilities, provided an area for relaxation and informal meetings.

Conference rooms lit with natural light and outdoor access

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