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Designing a Creative Hub for News UK's Waltham Forest Offices




6,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided

Office Design & Build, Furniture

News UK Meeting Table & soundproof meeting room

Refurbishing News UK's Waltham Forest Offices

K2 Space was appointed by News UK to refurbish their 4,000 Sq. Ft Waltham Forest offices. The brief was to provide a vibrant and creative hub that encourages collaboration, creativity and productivity, with a range of different spaces to meet, relax, focus and work.

News UK Meeting Table
Breakout meeting tables with displays for small presentations

Creating a Vibrant and Creative Workspace

K2 Space’s design for News UK’s office focused on the use of colours, booths and inspirational quotes throughout the space. The open plan workspace, meeting rooms, and informal work areas were designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of the team, while still promoting a sense of cohesion and collaboration.

News UK breakout area & soundproof meeting room
Contrasting vibrant colours and full height graphics in the open plan workspace.
News UK Meeting Table & soundproof meeting room
News UK Full height graphics

Promoting Staff Well-being and Brand Values

The inclusion of shower facilities and graphics communicating brand values reflects the company’s commitment to staff well-being and communication of brand messaging. The use of brand graphics was particularly important to News UK as they aim to create a consistent approach to office design across all of their locations.

News UK Huddle booths
Vibrant cobalt blue fabrics used for padded huddle booths

A Flexible and Adaptable Space

The result of K2’s refurbishment of the News UK office is a lively and creative workspace that provides a range of different spaces for staff to work and relax in. The space has been designed with staff well-being and productivity in mind, and it reflects News UK’s commitment to creating a positive and inspiring working environment for their team.

Custom graphics applied to glass soundproof meeting room walls

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