Roald Dahl


4,500 Sq. Ft


5 Berkeley Mews, Marylebone, London

The K2 Space team had an amazing time working with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate to design their new London office.

From the first meeting, it became quickly apparent that the space needs to reflect the iconic author himself, his various best-selling works and that this wasn’t going to be a typical work environment.

The quirky space located within a Mews House over 3 levels, close to Marble Arch already benefited from a very homely feel with beautiful wood flooring throughout and a muted colour palette utilised all over exuding a sense of calm. It was paramount that any design preserved this homely aesthetic and worked with the existing space.

Visitors to the space are greeted by a beautiful staircase with colourful artwork, quotes and graphics accompanying you as you ascend to the open plan workspace on the second level.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

Remaining on the ground level, staff can avail of a variety of space to work, relax and as you’d expect, read. The contemporary kitchen space is central to the downstairs space with shelving displaying a selection of Roald Dahl’s works and playfully, in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vain, a variety of sweet treats.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

It doesn’t finish there, hidden behind a blue door in the kitchen is the entrance to a wonderful screening room inspired by and resembling a living room and complete with a striking bespoke shelving unit and comfortable armchairs. This space is designed to be somewhere the team can review film edits, host informal meetings or simply relax.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

Adjacent to the screening room is a dedicated meditation space furnished with comfy loungers and an array of cushions with the aim of providing a space for staff to unwind and recharge their creative batteries.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

As you move upstairs a colourful, bespoke hut inspired by the actual hut where Roald Dahl himself did a lot of his writing, becomes visible. It is designed to add a flavour of the famous author’s personality and to encourage staff to use themselves when they need to concentrate and write.

Roald Dahl Bespoke Hut

You can watch below how the hut was designed and installed onsite:

The landing area has also been designed to provide a variety of alternative and informal spaces where staff can hold informal catch up’s or simply take a call away from the open plan workspace and is furnished with playful rocking chairs and attractive armchairs.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

The glazed partitioning used throughout this level allows natural light to flood through the space, especially in the 14-person boardroom which also contains an original stable door, perhaps a clue to the building’s original use, many years ago.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

Entering the open plan workspace, the layout has been created to facilitate easy communication between teams and to ensure staff have more than enough space to perform any task. The space also benefits from an array of wall-hung artwork depicting various Roald Dahl publications, screenplays and musicals, all of which really bring the space to life. In addition, there is also a long workbench with an old, traditional chalkboard hung alongside to facilitate hot desking, creative exchanges and primarily acts as a space for freelancers to work when they are onsite.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

The mezzanine level accessible via a staircase in the landing acts as an almost bonus space and is set up as an area where the team can host meetings, work without distraction or simply somewhere to catch up with colleagues over a coffee.

Roald Dahl London Office Design

This was an amazing and very exciting project to work on and the K2 Space team had a thoroughly enjoyable time working alongside the Roald Dahl team to design and create a striking, fun and dynamic workplace.

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