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US Hedge Fund, London Office Expansion

US Hedge Fund, London Office Expansion


London, SW1


25,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided

Furniture Consultancy, FF&E

Individual Focus Rooms Bordering a Collaboration Area

Expansion of the London Office

A US hedge fund, and longstanding client of K2 Space, was looking to expand its London office space to support the growing needs of the business. With an overarching goal to blend functionality with sophisticated design, the expansion aimed to create an environment that would resonate with the vibrant nature of the financial services firm. The project brought to life a series of workspaces that not only supported the company’s operational excellence, but also fostered collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being.

Central to the expansion’s success were the social and communal areas, including a sleek kitchenette for informal gatherings, as well as dedicated breakout zones that encouraged relaxed yet productive exchanges. Attention to detail is evident in the choice of ergonomic furnishings, ensuring that comfort and style go hand-in-hand across the office landscape.

Asset Management Office Entrance
P72 Desks and Monitor Arms - V2
Spacious Meeting Areas for Creative Exchange

Modern Collaboration Space with a View

In the creation of a meeting space for the expansion, the focus was on fostering a collaborative environment that utilised the existing building features. Natural light was available through the extensive window facade, which we furnished with round tables to facilitate conversation, paired with comfortable, modern seating to support prolonged discussions all situated against the panoramic backdrop of London. The choice of comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs was an integral part of the office furniture selection and helped to create an engaging workspace. Each workspace included seamless tech integration within the aesthetic space, supporting the client’s brief to create a workplace that promoted openness and teamwork.

Sunlit Meeting Room - Encouraging Transparency and Teamwork
Sunlit Meeting Room - Encouraging Transparency and Teamwork
Blending Relaxation and Functionality - The Modern Tea-point

High-Tech Meeting Facilities for Enhanced Collaboration

Tech was a key part of the fit out. State-of-the-art digital screens were installed in meeting rooms, complemented by discreet connectivity solutions, to cater to the tech needs of the client. Privacy and openness were balanced through the use of glass partitions, providing an enclosed space for focused group work without creating a sense of isolation. This configuration was selected to cater to the client’s specific requirements within the projected timeline.

Multifunctional Workspaces for Collaborative Work
Individual Focus Rooms Bordering a Collaboration Area
Balancing Privacy and Connectivity - The Modern Glass-Walled Meeting Room

Creating a Relaxation Space within the Workplace

A critical element of the project was the introduction of breakout areas to offer employees a place for informal interactions and relaxation. With a sleek kitchenette featuring wooden and marble finishes, the area was meant to contribute to employee well-being and productivity, reflective of a design approach that values comfort in tandem with style.

The Refined Break Area with a Contemporary Edge
The Refined Break Area with a Contemporary Edge

Technologically Equipped Spaces for Team Meetings

A dedicated meeting space with a more intimate setting was developed to support smaller meeting rooms for group discussions. Equipped with a large screen and contemporary furniture, this room was created to facilitate digital presentations and personal interaction. The furniture and layout were meticulously selected to reflect the company’s brand and functional needs, ensuring a cohesive look and feel throughout the office.

Technologically Equipped Spaces for Team Meetings
Tech Equipped Spaces for Team Meetings
Workstations with Ergonomic Design - V2

Elegant and Expansive Kitchen and Dining Area

The design of the kitchen teapoint and dining area focused on creating an inviting social hub for the office. Using contrasting colours and materials, the space was crafted to be both functional and stylish. Modern bar stools and designer lighting fixtures were chosen to enhance the visual appeal, making the area a centrepiece for informal gatherings and breaks, reflecting the commitment to a high-quality workplace environment.

Teapoint and Dining Area, a Nexus of Interaction
Teapoint and Dining Area, a Nexus of Interaction

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