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Creating a Fun Social Space for VoucherCodes' London Office




10,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided

Furniture Consultancy, FF&E

VoucherCodes Chill sofa area

A New Office for VoucherCodes

K2 Space worked with VoucherCodes to design and create a social space within their London office, located at 200 Grays Inn Road. With a workforce of over 80 staff, VoucherCodes wanted to create a dynamic and happy work environment that would allow their team to collaborate in an informal setting and unwind after work. K2 Space rose to the challenge and created a fun and inviting social space that has proven to be a hit with VoucherCodes’ staff.

VoucherCodes social areas with piano
Music area with DJ booth and a grand piano
VoucherCodes games area
VoucherCodes wrap around sofa

A Fun & Dynamic Social Space

The space is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a large rectangular-shaped sofa with countless individual cushions and several lazy boy beanbags. Additionally, staff can play table football, pool, or even the piano if they are musically inclined. The space is used for regular team building events and Friday social get-togethers, where staff can unwind with a beer, play music on Alexa, and improve their pool or table football skills.

VoucherCodes games tables area
A games area with table football and a pool table

The VoucherCodes’ team is committed to creating a positive work environment that empowers their staff to excel. With the help of K2 Space, they were able to deliver a fun and dynamic space that allows their team to work, collaborate and relax. The new addition to their office has been a resounding success, with staff loving the new social space and making the most of the opportunities it provides.

A Successful Collaboration

K2 Space’s collaboration with VoucherCodes resulted in the creation of a dynamic and fun social space that has proven to be an excellent addition to their London office. The design and furniture reflect the company’s values, creating a positive and inviting environment for staff to work and collaborate in an informal setting. VoucherCodes has succeeded in creating a happy and creative work environment, where staff can enjoy working and prosper.

VoucherCodes beanbag and sofa space
Movable beanbags and a large wrap around sofa deliver a relaxing experience

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