Office design ideas – the indoor picnic table

As the UK’s weather gets better, your employees are likely to be looking for any excuse to spend time outside the office.

With that in mind, we take a look at a furniture innovation that brings the outside indoors: the BuzziPicnic table. The versatile table can be used as a common eating table in an office kitchen, a gathering point for collaborations or a temporary working space.

Belgian furniture brand BuzziSpace is clear about the table’s benefits: “Typically a picnic table makes us think of the summer and good times shared with friends. It is a non-conflictual, friendly and informal gathering tool. It brings a stress-free furniture typology that will help foster communication in the office.”

Designer Alain Gilles echoes these sentiments: “The idea was to rethink a design classic that reminds people of the fun times in life: a picnic table evokes memories of summer barbecues with friends. It is an uncomplicated, accessible object that brings people together informally.”

The table is available as a rectangular bench, which enables up to ten people to use it at the same time. BuzziPicnic also comes as a round table with a central rotating plate that means you will never have to pass the salt at lunch again. There is even a split-level version of the table that allows people to choose to sit or stand around the same table.

The table can be made in either ash or oak and black stained, walnut stained and even white wash options mean that you can tailor BuzziPicnic to fit in with your existing office interiors.

Discreet, easy-access flaps allow for simple connection to a power source, while the grooves in the table top allow you to stand-up a tablet or smartphone.

K2 Space design manager Chris Alldred explains: “Architects, designers and facilities managers are always looking for furniture innovations that solve problems. A product like BuzziPicnic means that people can come into your office and connect their lap top or tablet while having a meeting or lunch with others.”

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