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/ TableAir – the coolest sit-stand desk on the market?

TableAir - the coolest sit-stand desk on the market?

Well-being is a much-debated topic in the office furniture industry, with recent research suggesting that movement is the key to overcoming the health problems that come from sitting down for long periods at work.

TableAir is an innovative sit-stand desk, which encourages movement and allows users to work sitting down or standing up.


The product was developed by two Lithuanian graduates who left university and have started their own tech business were looking to buy some height-adjustable desks. They were unimpressed with the choice of sit-stand desks so set about inventing their own. TableAir was born and this made to order desk is available for you to buy and can be shipped anywhere in Europe.

What is TableAir made from?

The tabletop is made from MDF and the legs are coated stainless steel. There are four choices of tabletop: white, black, American cherry and dark walnut.

To stand at the TableAir, you simply press a button on the desk and hold out your arm and it automatically rises to the height of your hand. The desk also has LED lighted edges. The colour of the light can be changed to match your mood or to indicate if you’re free or busy to other people in your office.

What technology is integrated into TableAir?

The desk has built-in WiFi and power via two plug sockets and two USB ports so you can plug in up to four devices and charge them at the same time

The TableAir app allows you to change the height and LED display colour via your iPhone. It also enables you to set yourself a reminder for when it is time to stand.

Future developments include integrating TableAir with other technology such as Spotify, the digital music service.

How can I buy a TableAir sit-stand desk?

Call us today on 020 7697 4670 for more details about TableAir or to buy one for your office.

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