Workplace Ergonomics: How to adjust your office chair

Workplace ergonomics is becoming an increasingly important factor and in this article, we look at how we worked with leading tech company Criteo to create this video on ‘How to adjust your office chair’

The use of mobile devices like tablets and laptops in the workplace growing, this has had a major impact on workplace ergonomics, most notably, how we position our bodies in relation to whatever device we are using. So, what’s the answer? Is there a right or wrong way of sitting at work or how to adjust your office chair? And if so, what is it?

The answer is yes and when we worked with leading tech company Criteo to supply 1,000 office chairs, we created this short video on how to adjust your office chair, showing staff how to properly use their new chair.

Mike Walley, Head of Workplace Experience at Criteo said:

“When we have a lot of our staff sat their desk working on R&D projects for example, It is important that they have the right equipment to look after them, including their chair.”

Mark Phillips, MD at K2 Spaced added:

“A growing number of organisations have embraced workplace wellbeing and as a result are paying more attention to workplace ergonomics, ensuring that their staff have the right furniture to work efficiently.”

Here are some simple steps to adjust your office chair and ensure you are sitting correctly:

  1. Adjust the height of your chair, so your feet are firmly flat on the floor and your knees and ankles are both angled at 100 degrees
  2. Move the base of the seat forward or backwards so you can fit 4 fingers between your knee and the chair
  3. Raise/lower the arms of the chairs so your elbows are at a 90 degree angle when resting on the arms and using your keyboard
  4. The seat back can be locked but we recommend that you don’t as it’s not good for you back. It should be left unlocked so it allows you to gently recline
  5. Adjust the tension of the seat – you’ll know its correct when you lift your feet and it sits you up automatically in the right position
  6. Adjust the lumber support so it supports your lower back

That’s it; you should now be sitting pretty in your new office chair.

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