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Bene Office Furniture

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The Bene Group is a global office furniture company with its head office and production facilities in Austria. Bene Furniture employs about 1,000 people in over 35 countries throughout Europe and around the world.

As the Austrian market leader and a major market player in Europe, Bene stands for and epitomises innovative office concepts.

K2 Space is proud to be a long-established and trusted Bene furniture dealer and regularly works with them to furnish workplaces throughout the UK and across Europe.

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Bene Office Furniture Products

If the seating and standing elements are expanded with storage areas and shelves, the PARCS Causeways also offer space for a library. A Power Bar for media-supported work, as well as lighting and screens, are also available as multimedia elements.

Bene and we-inspire jointly developed the Bene Nice Wall, a large interactive wall for creative media-supported teamwork. The Nice Wall is an interactive wall that can be up to 8 meters long and is based on close-range projectors. Up to 7 people can draw, present, brainstorm and interact with a wide range of software applications.

In addition to the interactive Wall, the overall system also offers integration with personal devices such as laptops and smartphones. The objective is for digital cooperation to work as easily and as naturally as possible.

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