Bisley Be Storage Lockers


Bisley Be Locker

Storage to suit your needs

Be’s personal storage combines durable design with a broad range of colours, finishes and locking options – so you can tailor it precisely to suit your organisation’s look and feel. It provides staff with a secure, lockable space with 20integrated power to charge mobile devices.

Endless Possibilities

The Bisley Be storage lockers can be configured in numerous ways to fit seamlessly into any workplace, acting as a divider between spaces or even to introduce a splash of colour – the possibilities are limitless.


Bisley Be Locker

Bisley Be Locker

Storage for Agile Workforces

As agile working becomes more popular, the storage needs of staff have evolved from a desk pedestal to lockable lockers used to store laptops, personal belonging and even gym gear.

Talk to Us

Get in touch to discuss the various options and pricing, while we would also be happy to arrange a tour of the Bisley Showroom so you can appraise the products in person.

Bisley Be Locker
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