/ How Much Does an Office Pod Cost?

How Much Does an Office Pod Cost?

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How much do Office Meeting Pods Cost?

Clients frequently ask us how much office pods and phone booths cost. The answer is generally the same: it depends. Office pod prices will vary widely depending on (1) brand label and design quality (high-end, mid-range, low-end), (2) size and style (single user pods or multiple user meeting room pods), (3) acoustic engineering quality (completely silent or with sound reduction), (4) functionality and features (lighting, plug & play features, air circulation), and (5) degree of design flexibility (mobility or modularity). Here’s the short answer to “How much do office pods and booths cost?” is:

Pod type Price
1-person office pod (phone booth) from £3,895-£11,033 (£4,323 – £13,239 inc VAT)
1-person focus room (single-person office spaces) up to £12,995 (£14493 inc VAT)
2-person meeting pods from £7,902 – £16,519 (£9,482 – £19,822 inc. VAT).
4-person meeting pods from £12,821 – £25,799 (£15385 – £30959 inc. VAT).
6-person meeting pods from £22,902 – £29, 295 (£27205.2 – £35,154 inc. VAT).



What is an office pod?

A pod is a word of uncertain origins, but seems to derive from biological references to “seed vessels” and later popularised in science fiction references – e.g. escape pods. In the era of cubical farms, offices filled with cubicles are sometimes called a sea of cubicles and additionally called pods (such as 4-pod or 8-pod of cubes. When you look at the design of office pods, you can see how the metaphor rubs off. In a workplace context, office pods (aka office booths or phone booths) are freestanding or fixed one or two-person sealed rooms that offer privacy and various degrees of soundproofing. Being closed off and resistant to the hustle and bustle of an open office allows workers much need quiet and focused time to ‘escape’ from the hustle and bustle of collaborative, hybrid workspaces.

Why do Offices Need Pods and Booths?

With the growth in popularity of open-plan offices and the uplift in hybrid working following the global pandemic, the need for office pods has skyrocketed. According to research by the University of Sydney, over 50% of people have issues with a concentration in open-plan offices. Furthermore, it’s estimated that it takes 20 minutes to regain focus after someone has been distracted.

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