Office Refurbishment Costs

How Much Does a London Office Refurbishment Cost?

Office refurbishment costs in London can vary considerably from around £35 per Sq. Ft. for a basic office refurbishment project right up to £100 per Sq. Ft. or over (depending on the specification). These costs are only indicative and will differ based on the size of the office space, the age of the building, and the specification of the fit-out. Invariably you will get a better estimate following a site visit by a fit-out expert. If you would like one of our team to assist you with a site visit or a more precise cost assessment, you can request that here.

The table below is a rough estimate of refurbishment costs in London based on a three-tier fit out specification (basic, mid and high):

Costs per sq foot Basic Mid High
Construction £35-40 £45-60 £65+
Furniture £12 £16 £22


Office Refurbishment Costs (1)

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Refurbishment

When you select a refurbishment partner they should be able to help you to create some top-level budgeting. The costs of the refurb will vary based on the size and complexity of the project. Factors affecting the refurbishment costs include:

• The type of building and space being refurbished
• The age of the building
• Services such as the heating, air-conditioners and ventilation
• Finishes and furniture required (which vary in terms of quality)
• IT and AV upgrade costs

Why Invest in an Office Refurbishment?

In recent months some of the reasons companies (and indeed our clients) have tended to renovate their office include the following:

  1. Encouraging a Post-Covid Return to the Office – Encouraging staff to return to the office post-covid is a common reason and one cited by many of our clients. Factors to consider here are increased separation between desks to create a greater sense of privacy; more agile open spaces; and inclusion of collaborative spaces to make the office an exciting and engaging place to be.
  2. Tired Office Space that Needs a Refresh –  It may be that your office space has become a bit dilapidated and outdated. It needs a refresh with an injection of modern office ideas and designs. Adding colour to the layout and furniture and planning for hybrid office working is a common trend.
  3. Improving Wellbeing and Productivity –  the wellbeing and general happiness of staff is crucial for retention. To keep staff happy some of the things you might want to consider is incorporating natural light,  a good selection of colours, having ample ventilation, ergonomic furniture (such as sit-stand desks), green plants (see our article on biophilic design) and the provision of a range of workspaces and breakout areas (including amenities such as showers and bike storage).

Office fit out Contractors will generally provide estimated costs per sq. Ft. It is crucial that you know the dimensions and size of your new space to help your fit out company provide you with the best estimates and time frames for completing the refurb. Take a look at our refurbishment guide which is packed with useful information.

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