Reinventing Your Existing Office Space

An office refurbishment is a great opportunity to create an innovative and modern new workspace that reflects a company’s identity while re-energising the entire business. This ultimately creates a catalyst for change and productivity.

Whether you are after a complete overhaul, or simply need a refresh of the office space with some colour and vibrancy, we provide a fast and efficient office refurbishment service that revitalises your office environment without disrupting business.

Our office refurbishment team are experts in helping clients to reinvent existing offices and create amazing new workspaces.

Office Refurbishment

What are the reasons for considering a refurb?

There are numerous reasons why a company might consider refurbishing existing office space. The transition back to work post-pandemic is a popular reason for refurbishment. However, the decision for an office refurbishment can also come about from space that is tired, outdated, and in need of an overhaul. It might be that your company is looking for a better more efficient use of space. Other reasons might include:

  1. Having moved into an existing space you find it doesn’t meet your requirements.
  2. Enticing new talent requires the use of a more hybrid workspace which necessitates a refurbishment
  3. Competitors have updated their offices
  4. Your office is constantly under repair, which is impacts productivity
  5. There is a low level of morale in the office due to a lacklustre office environment

Hybrid Office Design

Transforming your existing workplace

Properly executed, a refurbishment can transform your workplace and inspire the entire team. By transforming the existing workspace, you are able to improve the performance of staff and their health and well-being, while at the same time reducing costs, and enhancing the reputation and corporate culture of your company. Equally, this creates a welcome space for productive meetings and builds a lasting impression on visiting clients.


K2 Space offers an integrated office refurbishment service. You’ll have us the single point of contact throughout the process, so you won’t be passed from one team to the next. We design, space plan, build and deliver the projects on time and to the exact needs and specifications of our clients.


Our team work with you all the way through, guiding you through the process from start to finish, and ensuring a smooth cost-effective delivery. For all refurbishment projects, we engage with companies to define what they want and need from a new workspace, before designing a space that transforms how they work. We have the simple aim of creating an inspirational new work environment where staff love to work.


We go to great lengths in understanding your objectives, your purpose for the refurbishment, and the development of a plan that meets your specific needs. From reception areas to start headcount to the quality of the interior design and choice of furniture, we employ great attention to detail and work within your budget to achieve an outstanding office refurbishment.

How does an office refurbishment work?

One of the first decisions to be made in an office refurbishment is the programme of work. Ideally, we aim for minimal disruption of your office staff. Refurbishments can be carried out (1) with the client in occupation, where staff temporarily work from home to carry out the refurbishment (2) where the building is already vacated, and (3) where, if necessary, our staff work outside of office hours.

Hybrid Working (7)

The Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

An office refurbishment comes without the stress and cost of moving. Refurbishment is often a clever, cost-effective, and efficient strategy. Refurbishments are also a way of creating contemporary office space that is more agile, fresher the more enticing to staff that may be working from home. In short, it is a way of attracting talent post-pandemic without incurring the costs of the design and build of entirely new office space.


Office Refurbishment as a Post Pandemic Strategy

A refurbishment of your office is also important in meeting the health and safety standards of the ever-evolving workplace requirements. This ensures that your staff are kept safe and productive. It also means they can work as efficiently and efficiently while encompassing some of the comforts of a home working environment.

Office Refurbishment Costs

The cost of refurbishing your office will depend on the variety of requirements and circumstances that differ from project to project. However, a rough indication of costs for office refurbishment in London is provided below.

Office Refurbishment Checklist and Guide

A team of experts have created an office refurbishment guide that contains a step-by-step list of instructions to ensure your office refurbishment is a successful one. Our refurbishment guide provides everything you need to know about office refurbishment, including items that form part of the project checklist, key time frames, calculating the budget, managing the project, and selecting the right partner.

Office Refurb

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