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Humanscale is the industry leader when it comes to the design and manufacturing of ergonomic furniture that enhances both workers’ health and their level of comfort on the job. Their workplace solutions, which have won several awards, encourage mobility and assist the user in safe postures and positions. Some examples of these solutions include self-adjusting seats, sit/stand desks, monitor arms, and task lighting.

Humanscale is also well-known for our long history of working closely with the renowned designer Niels Diffrient, who was responsible for the design of many of their task chairs, including the now-iconic Freedom chair, which was the first chair to automatically adjust its height without the use of manual knobs and levers. In addition to that, they collaborate with other well-known industrial designers such as Don Chadwick and Todd Bracher. Since 2007, their pioneering work has been recognised with over two hundred important honours. Humanscale furniture has been shown in a number of institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art.

Humanscale products provided by K2 Space

Humanscale Office Chairs and Stools

Humanscale is famously known for office task chairs like the Freedom Task Chair, the Liberty Task Chair, and the Different World Chair. Over time, as the world has leaned further toward sustainable practices, that range has expanded to include the brands like the Smart Ocean, World One Task Chair, and the Liberty Ocean.

The Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

Freedom Task Chair

In 1999, Humanscale introduced the Freedom task chair, created by renowned ergonomics designer Niels Diffrient. This innovative solution broke new ground by combining original functionality with minimal manual controls, using dynamic mechanisms that respond to the requirements of each individual user automatically. Niels Diffrient’s Freedom Task combines versatile style with unrivalled support and has won over ten major design awards. Smooth, contemporary design meets physics-powered design to adjust smoothly to your body, giving tailored comfort in any position and promoting healthy movement throughout the day. Freedom, unlike other ergonomic job chairs, responds to your movement rather than the other way around, providing complete support from position to position. The contoured backrest and thick cushions increase comfort and daily posture. Net Positive accreditation indicates that each Freedom made actively reverses environmental degradation. Like other Humanscale chairs, such as the Liberty Task Chair, the Freedom Task Chair comes with a 15-year warranty.

Liberty Task chair from Humanscale

Liberty Task Chair

The Liberty task chair is a world-class ergonomic office chair that demonstrates adaptability in both form and function. A form-sensing mesh back supports your back while allowing you to move freely. The chair provides optimal recline and lumbar support for everyone, without the need for additional devices or manual adjustments. Liberty encourages healthy mobility throughout the day, making it ideal for the active workplace. The automated fit and simplicity of use of Liberty make it the ideal option for conference room seating, where every person will feel comfortable and supported without the need for modifications.

Liberty Ocean chair from Humanscale

Liberty Ocean Chair

The Humanscale Liberty Ocean task chair follows suit with the cutting-edge design of the Liberty chair, enhancing its Net Positive impact by adding almost 0.9kg of the recycled fishing net into each chair. Its seamless nature allows it to adjust to each individual user in any position without the use of knobs or levers. Users benefit from a bespoke ergonomic fit due to the form-sensing mesh back and self-adjusting lumbar support. There’s also the self-adjusting recline that delivers quick back support at any angle no matter the size or weight of the person using it. The Liberty Ocean is also Net Positive, which means that every Ocean chair created provides clean energy and water. With a 15-year warranty, Liberty Ocean is a top choice from Humanscale and a great addition to your home or office.

Humanscale products provided by K2 Space

Humanscale Furniture Dealer

K2 Space is proud to be an approved furniture dealer for Humanscale, while we have worked together to furnish numerous workplaces in London, throughout the UK, and across Europe for clients like Criteoand Adobe. If you are interested in ordering Humanscale furniture, our expert team can help. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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