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Office Design Matters

Our office design team have created this short eBook that looks at how investing in your workplace can have a…


Office Move Guide: Your Office Relocation Checklist

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Your Guide to a Successful Office Refurbishment

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The Future Workplace: Office Design Trends to Watch In 2017

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K2 Space are proud to support Wrap Up London 2016

K2 Space is proud to support Wrap Up London 2016 who aim to collect 15,000 unwanted, old and used coats…

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How your office design can attract and retain the best staff

Nobody wants to work in a place where they don’t feel productive. Nobody is going to exhibit loyalty or pride…


What office design can learn from the home

For many of us, the office is where we spend most our week. A home from home where, as well…


What your office says about you

Creating vibrant and playful offices is a tactic often-employed by the likes of Google to recruit and retain talent and…


Workplace Ergonomics: How to adjust your office chair

And with the use of mobile devices like tablets and laptops in the workplace growing, this has had a major…


5 tips for consistent office design

Whether you’re a big international brand with bases around the world, or a start-up that’s just spreading its wings, making…


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