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Office Design Trends to Watch in 2019

For the past few years, our team have looked at emerging office design trends and this year is no different…


Meeting Expectations – What Employees Really Expect From Their Workplace

Our clients regularly ask us what works well in other workplaces and what they can do to create a work…

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Finding the Right Office Space

Your company is planning to move office and you have been tasked with finding the right office space, where do…


Your Guide To A Successful Office Move

There are numerous reasons why an organisation will consider an office move, a lease break or expiry may be looming…


Your Guide to a Successful Office Refurbishment

Our experts have created this office refurbishment guide containing a step by step list of instructions to ensure your office refurbishment…


Office Design Trends to Watch In 2017

Here at K2, we are passionate about all things design and workplace related, so have created this guide that looks…


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