5 Office Fit Outs to Inspire Your Next Move
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5 Office Fit Outs to Inspire Your Next Move

Dr. Greg Dooley - Design and Build Specialist

Dr Greg Dooley

Digital Marketing Manager

Content Specialist in Office Design & Build

The importance of a well-designed and functional workspace cannot be overstated. A thoughtfully planned office environment can significantly impact employee productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. With this in mind, we have curated a list of 5 exceptional office fit outs that are sure to inspire your next move.

These outstanding workspaces not only embody the unique brand values and cultures of their respective companies but also incorporate innovative design elements that cater to the diverse needs of their employees.

From vibrant breakout areas to cutting-edge collaborative spaces, these office transformations provide valuable insights and inspiration for anyone looking to revamp their own work environment. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of office design and explore some of our most inspiring office fit out projects which have undoubtedly left a lasting impression.

Case 1: Adobe’s Office Transformation in London and Dublin

We worked with Adobe, the global software powerhouse, in a remarkable transformation of their London and Dublin offices. Spanning over 12,000 square feet, the project aimed to create a contemporary and engaging workspace, providing a comfortable environment for employees to thrive. The K2 Space team diligently worked with Adobe to design a workspace that embodied the company’s brand values and culture, resulting in a stunning and modern space offering employees a variety of work settings.

One of the highlights of the new office design is the breakout area, which presents a lively and adaptable space for employees to use for work, relaxation, or socializing with colleagues. The design boasts the use of vivid colours and textures while offering plenty of room for both collaborative and independent work.

Adobe’s new workspace is tailored to create a comfortable atmosphere that stimulates and motivates employees while offering an area for teams to collaborate and exchange ideas. Designed to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market, this modern workspace serves as a valuable investment for Adobe. As the project lead for Adobe put it:

Our workplaces must attract and retain the best talent. K2 Space has achieved this here, and everyone is thrilled with how they’ve transformed our London workplace.

The office transformation showcases lively and adaptable breakout areas, cutting-edge and invigorating workspaces reflecting Adobe’s brand values and culture, expansive areas for teams to collaborate and exchange ideas, and a comfortable atmosphere designed to inspire and motivate staff.

Case 2: Platinum Equity’s World-Class Office in Mayfair

K2 Space teamed up with Platinum Equity, one of the world’s leading private equity firms with ~$36 billion (~£29 billion) of diversified assets, to create a luxurious and functional office space in Mayfair. Having previously worked together on Bruton Street, Tom Gores, the owner of the Detroit Pistons NBA team, entrusted K2 Space with the design and construction of their new office at 5 Hanover Square to accommodate their growing team.

Platinum Equity specialises in alternative investment strategies and leveraged buyouts. Their vision for the new office was a world-class facility with the ambience of a luxury boutique hotel, reflecting the company’s core values and the high standards they provide for their clients. The office needed to house 40 London traders and include client-facing meeting rooms, a client club lounge with concierge service, and a “home away from home” atmosphere for visiting clients. Timeless, neutral tones were chosen for the finishes, and the design was a collaborative effort with their Los Angeles-based design team.

A key priority for Platinum Equity was fostering collaboration and impromptu meetings among their staff and clients. They aimed to create a space that would encourage their team to return to the office, and the result was an outstanding facility with a near 100% return rate. Robert Klap, Partner at Platinum Equity, praised K2 Space, saying,

“As always, it has been a pleasure working with the K2 team on this project. Their great designs, attention to detail, and professionalism have delivered an outstanding office for our team and clients once again. Thank you.”

This world-class office fit-out showcases a luxurious boutique hotel feel, timeless and neutral design elements, a collaborative and welcoming environment for both staff and clients and a strong emphasis on accommodating the expanding team and fostering collaboration.

Case 3: Altum Capital – An Elegant and Sophisticated Office Fit Out in the Heart of Mayfair, London

Office Refurbishment

We partnered with Altum Capital, a real estate investment firm, to create a sophisticated and elegant office space in Mayfair. The primary goal of the project was to design a workplace with classical touches that employees would enjoy working in, with special emphasis on collaboration spaces and staff well-being.

The entrance area immediately exudes style and sophistication, furnished with iconic pieces that set the tone for the office. The striking crittall glazing, hardwood floors, and impressive kitchen/breakout area contribute to the elegant aesthetic. K2 Space’s design approach combined classic design elements with contemporary features, resulting in a stunning and welcoming environment.

In line with the staff wellness brief, K2 Space created a dedicated wellness room where employees can take a break and recharge. The wellness room features comfortable seating, soothing lighting, and a selection of healthy snacks and drinks. Collaboration spaces were integrated throughout the office to promote teamwork and communication. The open-plan design ensures that employees have ample space to interact and collaborate, while private meeting rooms were incorporated for confidential discussions and presentations.

The project was a resounding success, with K2 Space’s design approach delivering an elegant and sophisticated office that perfectly met Altum Capital’s requirements. The incorporation of collaboration spaces and a wellness room has created an environment that promotes teamwork and staff well-being, setting up the Altum Capital team for success.

This exceptional office fit out showcases a stylish and sophisticated design, impressive entrance and breakout areas, private meeting rooms for confidential discussions, and a dedicated wellness room to promote staff well-being and teamwork.

Case 4: Rolls Royce Aero Engine Leasing Division’s World-Class HQ Office in London

We partnered with Rolls Royce’s aero engine leasing division to design an elegant and refined London HQ that reflects the world-leading technology and highest quality synonymous with the Rolls Royce brand. The objective was to create a functional and visually striking space that would impress employees and visitors alike.

Working closely with Rolls Royce, we utilised high-quality materials such as black glass, white marble, and timber floors to evoke a sense of quality engineering. Crittall glazing was used throughout the space, providing a modern aesthetic while allowing natural light to flood the workspace and creating defined work areas.

The reception area was designed to make a powerful first impression, featuring full-height graphics that create an imposing and memorable entrance. The kitchen/breakout area offers high benching for informal meetings, allowing staff to come together in a relaxed setting and encouraging collaboration.

K2 Space’s design delivered an elegant and refined space that aligns with the Rolls Royce brand’s high standards. Their attention to detail, use of premium materials, and incorporation of modern design elements resulted in a truly world-class space that is both inviting and inspiring. The successful partnership between Rolls Royce and K2 Space will pave the way for future office projects.

Ben Hoar, Operations Director at Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance, praised K2 Space’s work, saying,

“They passed a tough tender process and were chosen against strong opposition. We couldn’t have been happier with them. They made what could have been a very stressful time-pressured project a complete joy! K2 were so friendly, professional, and helpful, going above and beyond at every turn and continuing to offer aftercare or advice to this day.”

This outstanding office fit out showcases an elegant and refined design, impressive reception and breakout areas, and a functional workspace that reflects the Rolls Royce brand’s values and quality while providing an inspiring environment for employees.

Case 5: Criteo’s Global Transformation Project Embraces Hybrid Working and Enhances Collaboration

Criteo, a Paris-based provider of online advertising platforms, embarked on an ambitious “Global Transformation Project” to redesign and fit out all its offices worldwide, totalling around 190,000 square feet. The project aimed to embrace hybrid working, enhance collaborative facilities, and create a unified global brand while retaining local authenticity for offices in locations such as Paris, New York, Singapore, and Tokyo.

K2 Space was entrusted with the complex task of designing 7 buildings in 6 different countries, liaising with local teams, and working closely with the Paris office and an independent project manager. The design team collaborated tirelessly with each office through numerous virtual meetings to establish the final design for each facility. Flexibility, hybrid working, staff well-being, and sustainability were integral aspects of the design approach.

The result was a series of unique office spaces, each reflecting both the global Criteo brand and the local culture. The project showcased K2 Space’s ability to manage immense complexity and deliver world-class office environments that cater to the changing needs of today’s workforce. With a strong focus on staff well-being and sustainability, the new office designs have set the stage for Criteo’s continued success.

This impressive global transformation project demonstrates K2 Space’s expertise in creating flexible and sustainable office designs that cater to hybrid working while enhancing collaboration and staff well-being. The design and build approach undertaken by K2 Space for Criteo exemplifies their ability to work closely with local teams and execute large-scale office fit-out projects across multiple countries.

Planning an Office Move?

If you’re considering an office move, these diverse and innovative office fit-outs can serve as a source of inspiration. Each case demonstrates the power of thoughtful design and execution in creating dynamic, functional, and inspiring workspaces tailored to the specific needs and goals of the respective companies. These transformations not only reflect brand values but also promote collaboration and prioritize employee well-being.

In today’s ever-evolving workforce, it’s essential to invest in office environments that foster productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction, ensuring that your company remains competitive and prepared for future growth. These office fit-outs provide exceptional examples to guide your planning and decision-making process for your next office move or redesign.

If you want a workspace that truly represents your brand and meets your company’s unique needs, get in touch with our expert team behind these stunning projects. Our expertise in office fit-outs, design and office furniture can help you transform your workspace into a place that inspires success and fosters a thriving work culture.

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