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8 Inspiring Tech Office Fit Out, Design & Furniture Projects

Dr. Greg Dooley - Design and Build Specialist

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Tech Innovators Meets Modern Office Design

With nearly two decades of experience designing and fitting out offices for some of the world’s leading tech companies, we thought it fitting to share some of those inspiring projects. In our 2023 Workplace Technology Trends report we note that tech companies are placing emphasis on creating spaces that not only foster innovation but also reflect the company’s ethos and values. This evolution is evident as more open-plan layouts replace cubicles, fostering an environment that encourages spontaneous brainstorming and teamwork. Likewise, dedicated zones for relaxation, well-being and recreation are becoming standard features, underscoring the importance of work-life balance in the tech world.

Major technology company office designs, inspired by giants like Google, have paved the way for the general adoption of tech in the workplace and smart office environments. Tech has in many ways liberated us from cubicles and boardrooms of the past, and inspired the shift towards bookable spaces, integrative hybrid workplaces and other tech-inspired office designs. These days offices are now a blend of high-tech office furniture, state-of-the-art tech office spaces, and advanced office fit-out designs. Offices have indeed become more than just functional spaces; they are hubs of creativity and collaboration, pushing the boundaries of what we traditionally consider a workspace.

In this article, we look at 8 innovative office spaces; from the London, Paris, and Madrid offices of Netflix, which exemplify a seamless fusion of agile workspaces and top-tier furniture design, to the orchestration of a global office design project for Criteo right from our London offices that mirrors both a unified global brand identity while capturing the distinct local essences spanning cities like New York, Singapore, Tokyo, and Barcelona.

1. Netflix: A Workplace for Creativity and Collaboration

Netflix revolutionised the way we consume entertainment through media streaming. Mirroring this innovative spirit, their office spaces in Madrid, Paris, and London are nothing short of a masterclass in the use of furniture in workplace design, weaving the brand’s identity into every piece of office furniture, and turning each office into a series of spaces to be admired.

These workspaces spanned a massive 60,000 sq. ft. and were adorned with culturally resonant and visually captivating furniture. At the heart of the project was K2 Space’s furniture team, who orchestrated an international collaboration with Netflix’s local and US teams.

The outcome was a plethora of work settings that champion agile work practices – from privacy pods and teaming benches to cinema areas and editor suites. These diverse spaces are seamlessly integrated, promoting collaboration while catering to the evolving demands of their workforce.

Particular standouts include soundproof booths that flawlessly merge into open-plan areas and a circular theatre space designed to foster conversations and spark creativity. With a keen focus on brand values, the design accentuates Netflix’s commitment to innovation, resulting in a workspace that is not just functional but also fosters the brand’s storytelling ethos. The seamless fusion of agile workspaces and top-tier furniture design makes Netflix’s offices not just places to work, but hubs of creativity and collaboration.

Netflix Office Furniture Project - Netflix Madrid - K2 - Marek Sikora Photography - Large-54
Netflix Office Furniture Project - Netflix Madrid
Netflix Office Furniture Project - Netflix Madrid - K2 - Marek Sikora Photography - Large-29

2. Criteo’s Global Vision: A Seamless Fusion of Design and Function

Criteo is exemplary of how office design can be project-managed locally on a global scale. Managed entirely by our team in London and spanning across the globe it was aptly named “The Global Transformation Project.” Spanning an impressive 250,000 sq. ft., with Paris alone constituting 80,000 ft, this project echoes Criteo’s dedication to striking a balance between unified global brand identity and the local essence of London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, and Barcelona

Criteo, an influential figure in the online advertising landscape, recognized the need for a workspace transformation that truly reflects its ethos. The goal was clear: to design spaces that not only represent the Criteo brand but also resonate with the local heritage, offering an environment conducive to hybrid working, and promoting collaborative functionalities.

K2 Space took on this ambitious vision, creating an architectural masterpiece that is both cohesive and unique across locations. The team, in its relentless pursuit of excellence, dove into numerous collaborative sessions with local office teams, ensuring that each design decision aligned with the collective vision and catered to the distinctiveness of each region.

For instance, the Singapore office showcases an amalgamation of modern design and rich tradition. The walls echo the iconic Mamashop, a nod to Singapore’s rich shopping culture, and lockers that artistically reflect the nation’s postal legacy through the depiction of its famous stamps.

Such attention to detail is emblematic of Criteo’s commitment to cherishing cultural diversity. The project underscores the brand’s ability to interlace individual regional characteristics into a harmonious global identity. It stands as a testament to Criteo’s mission of fostering an international corporate culture that values both unity and individuality.

Criteo New York Office Design
A Fun Dynamic Workplace
On Air Privacy Boothes
Criteo Office Dynamic Workplace
A Fun Dynamic Workplace
On Air Privacy Boothes

3. Adobe: Designing & Building a Workplace for the Pioneers of Digital Design

Adobe, the global pioneer of design software, has always been at the forefront of digital innovation. This philosophy extends beyond their software solutions, manifesting itself vividly in their office spaces. In collaboration with K2 Space, Adobe transformed their offices in key locations – London and Dublin, spanning around 30,000 sq. ft.

What sets these offices apart is their design ethos. With a concerted effort to align with Adobe’s brand values and company culture, our team meticulously crafted spaces that are both modern and dynamic. Stand-out features include the breakout and teapoint areas. Bathed in bright colours and textures, this space doubles up as an avenue for relaxation, work, and casual camaraderie among colleagues. It perfectly encapsulates Adobe’s focus on creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

Most of all, the Adobe communal space offers a fresh perspective on office design. It reflects a careful blend of iconic branding while catering to the diverse working preferences of its employees. The goal was clear: to create a workspace environment that doesn’t just serve functional purposes but inspires, motivates, and stands out in a fiercely competitive talent marketplace.

Adobe Office Fit Out in London, Dublin and Edinburgh
Brand-Centric Wall Art and Lighting
Adobe Communal Space
Colourful On-Brand Tiered Seating
Adobe Communal Space
Multipurpose Collaborative Breakout Areas
Adobe Boardroom Fit Out
Open Meeting Spaces with Soft Lighting

Our workplaces must attract, excite and retain the best talent. K2 Space has achieved this here and everyone is thrilled with how they transformed our London workplace. They squeezed real value from our budget and did a phenomenal job. The lighting in particular has transformed the space into something we didn’t think was possible to achieve. They have transformed what was an empty shell into a superb workspace, which gives our staff a choice of comfortable and beautifully furnished environments.

Facilities Director


4. A Workplace for Nokia: Pioneers in the Evolution of Mobile Phones

Nokia is a pioneer in the mobile phone market that we know today. We assisted them at the peak of their success to seamlessly blend their rich heritage with forward-thinking designs in a new London headquarters. Located in the heart of London’s Soho district, the 40,000-square-foot space was a collaborative effort between Nokia and K2 Space. The mission? To forge an environment that not only resonates with Nokia’s legacy but is also equipped to attract top-tier talent.

This expansive workspace is a blend of state-of-the-art technology and design, showcasing features like high-speed internet connectivity and avant-garde audio-visual systems. What truly stands out, however, is Nokia’s commitment to employee well-being. K2 Space infused the design with elements like breakout areas, a fully-equipped gym, and even a meditation room, striking a balance between work and wellness.

Drawing inspiration from Nokia’s brand essence and business culture, the design embodies a spirit of collaboration and creativity. Transparent meeting rooms adorned with frosted graphics offer privacy, while communal kitchen areas brim with modern amenities. This revamped space not only facilitates a strong sense of community among Nokia’s employees but also positions Nokia as a front-runner in the race for top talent in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry.

Nokia opaque meeting room glass
Nokia office fit out
Nokia kitchen area

5. Nuance: Pioneers in Speech Recognition and AI.

Nuance was one of the pioneers and early adopters of AI in speech recognition and still leads in this area with cutting-edge AI tech research. Nuance’s Vienna office stands as a tangible testament to their groundbreaking innovations. Spanning a remarkable 140,000 sq. ft., with a dedicated 20,000 sq. ft. crafted by the adept hands of K2 Space, the project speaks volumes about the seamless collaboration between design and tech dynamism.

K2 Space, having been Nuance’s partner not only in Vienna but also in the UK and across Europe, delicately intertwined its historical essence with the vitality of modern design. The resulting workspace, executed in a stringent 10-week timeframe, marries the nostalgia of Nuance’s pioneering days with the vibrancy of contemporary aesthetics. The space flaunts open workspaces juxtaposed against spirited breakout areas, offering an eclectic mix of furniture.

Nuance vibrant breakout areas
Nuance breakout areas
Nuance breakout chairs

7. Beats: Where Sound Meets Style

In an era when music transcended its auditory confines, Beats established itself as the vanguard of audio innovation. Pairing unparalleled sound quality with inimitable style, they do more than just make great headphones; they’ve crafted a legacy in tech and entertainment. This pioneering spirit was not confined to their products alone; it reverberated through their workspace as well.

K2 Space, in collaboration with Featherstone Consultants, had the privilege of fashioning a 3,000 sq. ft. space for Beats in the heart of Clerkenwell, London. Much like the Beats brand, the office exudes audacity with its stark graphics, vibrant colours, and a design aesthetic that is unmistakable ‘Beats’.

Greeted by an assertive reception flaunting the emblematic Beats logo, one venture into an open-plan workspace. A vast expanse designed to foment collaboration, it manifests the brand’s dynamic ethos. Amidst modern furniture, where the contemporaneity of the design meets the nostalgia of exposed brick, Beats’ staff finds spaces to confer, ideate, and bring the brand’s vision to life. Breakout spaces, and meeting rooms, all technologically attuned, exist in harmony.

Yet, it’s the colours that steal the show. A palette inspired by Beats’ vibrant branding courses through the office, punctuated by innovative acoustic features. It’s a testament to Beats’ trailblazing journey in music – a space where every nook and corner resonates with their pioneering spirit.

Beats meeting chairs
Beats By Dre Meeting Room
Collaborative working space

8. Groupon: Where Deals Take Shape

In the nascent days of e-commerce, Groupon emerged as a trailblazing platform, revolutionising deal-based shopping. This innovative spirit, emblematic of their brand, found its reflection in the workspace they occupied, especially their London office.

Nested in the heart of London, Groupon’s 6,000 sq. ft. office captures the vivacity of the brand. In collaboration with K2 Space, Groupon envisioned a workplace that wasn’t just functional but also told a story – a story of a pioneering brand in the digital realm. The resultant 3,000 sq. ft. space not only has stunning views overlooking the serene Thames and iconic Tower Bridge but also has a stunning design and fit out that encapsulates the brand’s ethos of community and collaboration.

One can’t help but be drawn to the full breakfast bar, a nod to Groupon’s commitment to its employees’ well-being. The inclusion of comfortable seating vistas and recreational fixtures like air hockey and table football tables infuse a playful, dynamic spirit into the workspace.

While the vistas and furniture lay the groundwork, it’s the colours, designs, and nuanced touches that resonate with Groupon’s pioneering essence. K2 Space’s expertise brought this vision to life, crafting a space that not only caters to operational needs but also stands as a testament to Groupon’s indelible impact on e-commerce.

Groupon Breakfast Bar
Groupon Lunch Seating
Groupon Breakout Area

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