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Voile Curtains in the Workplace

Dr. Greg Dooley - Design and Build Specialist

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What are Voile Curtains?

Voile curtains (Voile being French for “veil”) are similar to traditional curtains, however, they are constructed from sheer, translucent fabric, rather than opaque cloth. Soft in appearance, they provide an excellent solution for companies looking to add areas in the workplace with partial privacy. Voile curtains are also versatile, working as a covering on glass partitions, against walls, windows, or even as a standalone partition.


The Domestication of the Workplace

With an increasing return to work, a growth of hybrid working, and a decline in remote working, what we are seeing is offices becoming more home-like and taking on a “home-from-home” look. Voile curtains are one of those clever interior designs that fit well with hybrid workplaces. They create an environment that encourages a sense of privacy, softness, and seclusion. It could be a place for a semi-private meeting or a productive area in the office for brainstorming. Sheers, voiles, and other semi-transparent textiles are a chic and unobtrusive way to maintain personal space. They are the modern replacement for Venetian blinds and frosted glass, and they work wonders with transparent glass partitions.

Voile Curtains in the Workplace

Creating a Private Dining Area

Here is a perfect example of how effective voile curtains can be in the workplace. As part of an office fit-out project for DTRE, we were tasked with creating a relaxed, upmarket wine bar and client dining area. For the lighting, we used Tom Dixon Melt pendants. These exquisite blown-glass pendants imbued the space with an entrancing effect. The area was surrounded by retractable Crittall glass doors the so that DTRE team could hold private dinners with guests when required, while otherwise keeping the space open. The voile curtains were added to provide an additional layer of seclusion and atmosphere in the dining area. The Melt lights also created a warm glow cascading down through the voile curtains.

The Benefits of Voile Curtains in Offices

The numerous benefits to installing voile curtains. They are a versatile and cost-effective solution to create concentrated divisions and areas of privacy in an open-plan floor plate. Full-height curtains allow companies to split up open plan rooms as a gentle alternative to permanent barriers, walls, and partitions. The benefits of voile curtains include:

  • A cost-effective partitioning material
  • Flexible movement around the office
  • A crossover between commercial/residential space aiding hybrid working
  • It creates a softer look and feel 
  • They provide partial privacy
  • They act as wallcoverings
  • They come in multiple designs, adding uniqueness to a workplace.

Cost effective

Voile curtains are not only inexpensive, but they also have a compact footprint, which simplifies both the installation process and the eventual dilapidation of office space. Meeting rooms, booths, and pods can be supplemented by voile curtains, but shouldn’t be considered a substitute for them, for reasons such as acoustics and full privacy, which booths, pods, and meeting rooms benefit from.

A versatile tool for partitioning office space

Voile curtains may also be used as a wall covering, subtly dividing large areas. Curtains, unlike permanent wall coverings, are easily relocated. They can be used to hide cabinets or any other space that needs access but preferably out of site. From delicate sheers to luxurious velvets, there are numerous types of fabric to choose from.

Soft illumination

The generation of soft light through the fabric contributes to a sense of well-being and lends an impression of sophistication to social spaces, meeting rooms, and reception spaces. The natural sunlight that filters in through the voile curtains, along with the ceiling and ambient lighting in the area, helps to produce a stunning soft translucence and dappled lighting effect.

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