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We’re a leading office design and build company in London with over two decades of experience, we have crafted bespoke workspaces for a diverse spectrum of sectors, including private equity, investment banking, legal firms, media houses, and cutting-edge tech companies.

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Our dedication lies in offering unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions. If you’re seeking a team of accomplished design and build professionals committed to excellence, K2 Space is your ideal partner.

Our D&B projects are typically completed around 30% quicker than the traditional method.


Recent Design & Build Projects

Our most recent office design and build projects, showcasing a fusion of contemporary style and practical workspace solutions.

One Team to Design & Build Your Office

Our team at K2 Space specialises in Design & Build (D&B), a streamlined approach for office design and construction where one team manages the entire office design and construction process. The key advantage of the D&B approach is that having one team enhances communication and coordination, improves accuracy and precision, and provides a seamless experience for the client. We give full commitment to each project no matter the size, ensuring that the final outcome is an outstanding workspace tailored to the client's unique requirements.

Choosing the Right Design and Build Partner

The choice of a design and build partner is pivotal because it determines the quality, efficiency, and overall outcome of the project. This choice can significantly impact the project’s success, influencing everything from the creative process to the final execution.

At K2 Space our team works to understand your unique vision, adhere to your budget, and create a space that not only reflects your company’s identity but also meets its operational demands and most importantly leaves smiles on people’s faces making your office a great place to work.

DTRE Bar and Drinks Area
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Why Choose us As Your Office Design & Build Company?

Our Design & Build Process

Over the years we’ve developed a comprehensive and client-centric approach to our office design & build projects. Our design & build process is meticulous and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. The process involves 5 crucial steps:

1. Constructing a Brief

The first step involves an in-depth meeting with your team. We focus on understanding your goals, budget, and aspirations for the office design and fit-out. This phase is crucial for developing a thorough and customised brief. They ensure that they capture the essence of what the client envisions for their space, blending functionality and aesthetics.

2. Understanding Your Space

With a clear brief to hand, we look at understanding the physical space. This involves site visits, surveys, and facility evaluations to comprehend the space’s potential and limitations. We develop a comprehensive plan of action, considering factors like natural light, space utilisation, and existing infrastructure. This step is about aligning the space’s characteristics with the client’s needs and aspirations.

4. Space Planning

Our experienced design team collaborate closely with you to plan the layout of the new office. This involves discussions about the placement of different departments or areas, considering important adjacencies, and ensuring the flow of the workspace is conducive to productivity and employee well-being. Space planning is a critical step to ensure that the final design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient.

5. Finalising Your Office Design

The final phase is where the vision starts to take a tangible form. K2 Space’s designers work directly with the client, discussing design preferences, touring workplaces, and visiting furniture dealers to help realise the office design vision. This collaborative approach ensures that the final design resonates with the client’s brand and culture while also meeting practical requirements.

DTRE Coffee Bar
DTRE London, Mayfair | 11,000 sq. ft.

Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance Design and Build Project

Selected Images of DTRE's London Office Design & Build Project

What is Office Design and Build?

Design and build (D&B) refer to a procurement strategy in which the main contractor is appointed to design and fit out a building space. This is in contrast to a standard contract (the Traditional route), where the client chooses consultants to design the development and then a contractor is hired to construct the works. This article discusses the differences between D&B and the traditional route and outlines the benefits of working with K2 Space as your design and build company.

Using a design and build company provides clients with a simple, turnkey solution where design and space planning, consultancy, project management, and construction services are all taken care of by a single entity. Office relocations or refurbishments can be completed more quickly through a D&B procurement procedure, which also results in a design solution that is more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Modular Collaboration Spaces

What are the Benefits of the Design & Build Method?

One of the primary benefits of the design and build model is that it delivers a high-quality fit out at a typically lower cost and quicker turnaround time. D&B projects are typically completed around 30% quicker than the traditional method which includes multiple separate parties. In summary, the benefits of a design and build project include:Several decades ago, if you wanted to undertake a fit out, you likely had to engage and supervise an architect, designer, and contractor independently. But the design and build method has changed that. Under the terms of a Design & Build method, the chosen Design & Build company is solely responsible for the design and construction of your project. There is a single company contracted for services, and the firm you choose will either conduct all services in-house or subcontract out some specialised services to other businesses. The table below compares some of the differences between design and build and the traditional route:

Factor Traditional Route Design and Build
Cost of D&B Full construction costs may be unknown at the start The cost of construction is determined and set from the beginning of the design process
Project Timelines The project follows sequential steps. Timelines are generally stretched out as a consequence Under a single roof, the project runs in parallel, which shortens the overall project timeline
Ownership of Risk The client absorbs all the risk of consultants/contractors not delivering to the standards required The client has reduced risk of failure due to contractors managed under a single team by the D&B company
Design Capabilities Similar Capabilities Similar Capabilities
Communication The client serves as the arbitrator for all of the design and construction disputes that arise for each individual firm The D&B company acts as a single point of contact throughout the project
Control of Design Elements The owner maintains full control over both the design and construction of the new office space Requires less direct management and control by the client
Office Design & Build with the Latest Room Reservation Tech
Office Design & Build with the Latest Room Reservation Technology

We asked K2 to transform our office space into something unique. It was a big ask, but they managed to exceed every expectation we had

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