MillerKnoll Dealer in London

MillerKnoll Dealer London

MillerKnoll Furniture Dealer in London

We’re proud to be part of a select group of MillerKnoll dealers in the UK, and one of the few London MillerKnoll Dealers. Our proximity to Herman Miller and Knoll’s London showrooms enhances our ability to collaborate closely and efficiently on numerous projects including facilitating showroom visits for our clients.

With 20 years of experience in office furniture and FF&E projects, our unique positioning has allowed us to successfully furnish workplaces with brands from the MillerKnoll collective for clients such as Rolls Royce & Partners Finance, Latham & Watkins, DTRE, Point 72, Cantillion Captial Management and a Global Real Estate Investment Bank. This includes showcasing timeless and iconic designs of Knoll furniture like the Barcelona Chair, Florence Knoll benches, and Classic Knoll Studio Saarinen Marble Table and Chair collection which have gained iconic status not only in corporate offices worldwide but also as luxury items in homes.

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KnollStudio - Modern Furniture Design

KnollStudio is the premier resource for authentic, modern furniture designs, with an impressive collection that spans iconic pieces from legendary modernists as well as innovative creations from today’s leading designers. Embodying a philosophy where life’s constant changes are met with a timeless quality, KnollStudio celebrates the essence of modern design.

This blend of historical significance and forward-thinking design ensures that each piece in the KnollStudio collection is not just furniture, but a piece of history and a look into the future of design. From the sculptural elegance of the Bertoia Side Chair to the ergonomic comfort of the Saarinen Executive Chair, KnollStudio provides a range of options that cater to various tastes and settings.

KnollStudio Barcelona Chairs

Herman Miller - Innovating Workspace Solutions

Herman Miller, now operating under MillerKnoll, has been a cornerstone in the design and manufacturing of innovative office and home furnishings since its inception in 1905. With a storied history that includes the introduction of iconic pieces like the Aeron chair, Noguchi table, and Eames Lounge Chair, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of design, functionality, and sustainability. Through collaborations with legendary and contemporary designers, Herman Miller has not just contributed to the aesthetics of furniture but also its functionality in modern workspaces and homes. The company’s focus extends beyond creating furniture that defines spaces to fostering environments that influence the well-being and productivity of its users.

Transitioning through the years, Herman Miller’s commitment to sustainability and innovation has only deepened. By the late 20th century, under the leadership of figures like Robert Propst and George Nelson, Herman Miller revolutionised the office environment with the creation of the office cubicle and an emphasis on open, adaptable workspaces. The 21st-century acquisitions, including brands like Knoll and Design Within Reach, have expanded its portfolio and global footprint, reinforcing its mission to design solutions that enhance the human experience. Today, MillerKnoll continues to set industry standards for environmental stewardship and design excellence, making Herman Miller a brand that not only stands the test of time but also leads the way toward a more sustainable, well-designed future.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Dark Shadow

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